Measurement of chromaticity coordinates


Measurement of chromaticity coordinates is common in numerous fields. High visibility in a essential requirment for a safety product and it defined by those coordinates. This field is present on various standards. For instance the ISO 20471 for high visibility clothes, the R22.06 for motorcycle helmets stickers, ISO12402-7 for life jacket, NFS74-567 for hunting suits. All these standards requires materials to reflect in a specific area of colour. There is 2 coordinates x and y and a luminance ratio.


CRITT SPORT LOISIRS now manages chromaticity coordinates measurment thanks to a high tech device. A spectrophotometer associated with an integrating sphere. This sphere has a full white surface allowing to measure light reflexion on any color of sample. Chromaticity coordinates gives a range limit for colours et the measurment of reflectance checks if the sample respond in the good range for a given illuminant. Supplemental measurements after various conditions (UV, Temperature, Humidity…) in order to evaluate the holding of colors can also be performed.