New anechoic chamber


The CRITT Sport Loisirs acoustic testing laboratory tests the physical and acoustic performance of Personal Noise Protectors, earmuffs, earplugs and earmuffs mounted on head protection devices and/or the face.


This equipment is subjected to the tests of standards EN 352-1 /2/3: 2020, the test methods of which are defined in standards 13819-1 (physical test methods) and 13819-2 (acoustic test methods).

The anechoic room is now renovated and equipped with an audio system and more efficient acoustic foams.

To comply with NF EN ISO 4869-1, a test battery was carried out in order to validate the test equipment and the performances such as the directivity of the acoustic field, the reverberation time and the ambient noise level.

Being able to perform tests on signals ranging from 31.5Hz to 16,000 Hz, CRITT Sport Loisirs  also offers to support and advise you in the development of your products.

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