New motorcycle PPE test benches


For many months, the motorcyclist laboratory of CRITT SPORT LOISIRS is equipped with new testing benches used for the EN 17092 :2020 standards. This new standard series give a classification according to the garment’s performance, from AAA to class C.
Among the different new benches, we have the new abrasion testing bench called « darmasdadt » which can perform test at speed between 25 and 100km/h.
The speed during the test is determined by the performance class claimed by the manufacturer and materials used have to resist at the abrasion without any hole after the test.
To develop this bench, several discussions between CRITT SPORT LOISIRS and the manufacturer were operated to have a bench conform at any parameters of the new standards.
Furthermore, a standardized washing machine is now in the lab. This model, “Wascator” is required to realize all types of washing cycles, described on the EN ISO6330 :2012 standard, following the manufacturer instructions.
The material mechanical tests (abrasion, tearing resistance, seems resistance … etc) have to be performed after 5 washing cycles.
With this new bench, we are now able to perform the most important part of the new standard series internally and so improve the Leadtime of your projects.      

                               « Darmstadt » bench                                               « Wascator » washing machine           

               darmstadt-411b5a005ca8b23a91f9060ad72c8c43.png                                                           wascator-6e9ee25947ce6974f6a0e974d4706567.png