The new standard 18527-3 applying to swimming goggles



The new standard 18527-3 applying to swimming goggles is now in use inside the European Union. Transition time will be short. The former standard applied in the market, BS5883 will not be recognized after December 31st 2021 following Brexit. The new requirements are ennhanced, especilaly optical quality of glasses is now checked. Transmittance, optical power and light scattering shall be now approved. Headband sustain a more robust examination while it is now possible to claim options (anti fog, polarizing or photchromic filters…).


We are already able to accept and follow your standardization requests for the full standard. Thanks to Its expertise in the field of optics tests and mechnical tests of previously applied on swimming goggles, The CRITT SPORT LOISIRS all and skills to approve swimming goggles including options. A enhanced leakage test is required. In partnership with the CRITT MATERIAUX, the CRITT SPORT LOISIRS has provided all pieces to ensure the sealing of goggles is satisfied, ensuring suction protects from leakage from which consumers often complains.